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Conventional Grizzly Alfalfa brand
If you require an alfalfa with exceptional stand establishment and yield punch, even in tough conditions, choose Grizzly. If you face the threat of the stand thinning disease of Aphanomyces II, then choose Grizzly. As a bonus, you get a complete disease package and an alfalfa that can handle cold northern winters. Excellent yield on a wide range of soils. Medium stem that stands late.

Grizzly is grown in one of the few GMO Free Production Zones* in the USA. We provide documentation on special traits available only in non-organic form. We also document that Grizzly seed is produced in an official, government recognized GMO Free Designated Area.

Pre-inoculated with Nitragin gold
Not coated = 50 lbs of pure seed

Conventional HDS 200 LO Lignin brand

HDS 200 Lo-Lignin brand alfalfa is a new strain of low lignin alfalfa that has the yield punch of standard alfalfa and will stand like standard alfalfa (the first low lignin lines sometimes lacked in these areas). The yield advantage come when you let your alfalfa grow until it’s closer to maturity. You will let your alfalfa grow until it’s closer to maturity. You will get the addition tonnage while maintaining your quality. Under the right conditions, you can get as many tons in three cuttings of low lignin alfalfa as you can with four cuttings of a standard alfalfa while maintaining the same quality. You may save yourself one full cutting with this system.  
Comes with Apex Green seed coating: OMRI approved

Organic Quad 4 brand

Maximum quality rating alfalfa hay is produced from this fine stemmed multi-leaf line.  If your goal is high relative feed quality value, then plant Organic Quad 4 alfalfa seed.  All Organic Quad 4 alfalfa is pre-inoculated and coated with OMRI-approved Apex Green

* Limited supply: substitute to Multi-888II Untreated Alfalfa

*GMO Free Zone is a seed production area that is surrounded by farms that pledge not to plant Round-Up Ready ® alfalfa for seed.
Conventional Multi 888-II brand

New and improved version of our original Multi 888.  Better disease package, more hardiness, and higher yield makes Multi 888 -II a good choice for most farms. Multi 888-II has excellent yield for a true multi-foliate.  Approximately 50% of the plants in a bag of Multi 888-II will produce from 4 to 6 leaves per stem for outstanding relative feed values.  The other 50% of the plants are bred to give you the hardiness and disease package you expect from the newest genetics on the market.  Multi 888-II will hold its quality longer in the field.
* Pre-inoculated with OMRI-approaved PreVail
* Not coated = 50 lbs of pure seed
Conventional Multi 888-II brand

Famous for its fast regrowth and recovery.  Excellent disease package and combined with very good winter hardiness means Platinum stands will last a long time. Medium to fine stems delivers good quality.

* Pre-inoculated with OMRI-approved PreVail
* Not coated = 50 lbs of pure seed
Green Acres brand

FEconomical choice for plowdown or long term stands.  Basic disease package.  Excellent choice for cold areas.

* 50 lbs of pre-inoculated seed
Organic Alfalfa
Organic Quad 4 brand

The best all-round package for any organic alfalfa when you want yield, quality, and longevity all in one field.  Fast regrowth gives you the option for an extra cutting when conditions are favorable. All Organic Platinum Alfalfa is pre-inoculated and coated with OMRI-approved Apex Green.

* Limited supply: substitute to Platinum Untreated Alfalfa

Organic Quad 4 brand

Economical source of organic plow-down nitrogen.  Excellent fall dormancy and winter-hardiness gives you the option of keeping a nice stand of alfalfa instead of plowing it down.  Expect better tonnage when plowed down at full maturity.  Will make good quality hay if cut early.  Organic Nitro organic alfalfa seed is pre-inoculated and coated with OMRI-approved Apex Green.