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Conventional Corn
Conventional 8925
84 Day

* Our largest selling early conventional for six years
* Works west to east and every place in between
* Can plant this silage corn north of zone
* Can plant this hybrid on any soil type

Conventional 8830
90 Day

* Racehorse yielder that can’t be stopped with good conditions
* Track record of out-yielding the best GMO hybrids from the major companies
* Works on good soils from ND to NY
* Not well suited for droughty areas

Conventional 8801
90 Day

* Newest high yielding genetics released
* Has the yield horsepower to keep up with our conventional 8830 racehorse
* Best yield advantage on well fertilized soils
* Good companion with Organic 8826

Conventional 8800
94 Day

* Still our biggest volume conventional hybrid
* Workhorse with high yield potential
* Most stable hybrid over the last 10 years
* Place it on any field on any farm and it delivers

Conventional 8762
102 Day

* Top yielding corn in Organic Valley yield plot at Coon Valley, WI in 2013
* Three year record of top 3 finishes in research plots from ND to Quebec, CA
* Place on fields with yield goal range of 180-270 bu/acre

Conventional 8585
102 Day

* Large plant and leaves make a nice “factory” to produce a lot of grain
* Conventional version of Organic 8585
* White cobs help make good silage
* Plant matures in the fall so the grain will dry sooner for early harvest