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Grasses, Grains, Clovers
Duration Red Clover

If you require a long term red clover to make your rotation work and a medium red simply won’t do—then plant Duration long term red clover. In addition to getting a variety that will last three or more years, you get an improved variety with all of the updates to the disease resistance package that help your stand last longer. Duration has demonstrated faster spring green up and fast recovery after cutting and grazing. Makes a nice mix with Organic Gold Alfalfa and Extend Orchard Grass. Non-treated/non GMO.

Extend Orchard Grass

One of the few late maturity orchard grass varieties on the market. Works well with Organic Gold and Grizzly Alfalfa along with Duration Red Clover. Extend is a very palatable and retains its quality after it’s mature. Extend has very good resistance to rust and exhibits good stand persistence. Extend is less clumpy than varieties. Non-treated/non GMO.

Nutri-Max BMR Hybrid Sorghum Sudangrass

High yielding sorghum sudangrass that has the wide brown mid-rib developed using the newest gene, GENE 6. This is the most digestible of all Brown Mid-Rib sorghums. Thrives in heat and moisture with multiple cuts for hay or forage all summer. Makes excellent silage in the fall. Tops on digestibility.