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Organic Corn
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. We carefully select the parent seed and growers to ensure our customers get the cleanest, highest yielding seed possible.
Organic 7975
78 Day

* Ultra early for zone 0 to 2
* Early flower beats the frost
* Above average agronomics for a 78 day hybrid
* Will double ear in open spaces
* Due to outstanding seed production yields, we are selling off part of our overstock at the low, low price of $99 for an 80k bag!

Organic 8033
80 Day

* Number one choice for average or poor soils
* Biggest yield advantage in the 120-180 bu/acre range
* Fast growth with early canopy
* Fast drying, very high test weight gain

Organic 8080
80 Day

* High yielding organic hybrid
* Proven performer for the last four years
* New genetics, bred for grain
* Fast out of the ground
* Nice test weight grain
* Place on more productive fields

Organic 8930
82 Day

* Higher yielding version of Organic 8982
* Adapts to a wide variety of growing conditions
* Good response to increased fertility
* Works as an early hybrid north of the 82-day zone
* Fast early growth
* Works in high PH soils

Organic 8907
87 Day

* Racehorse yielder that can’t be topped with good conditions. Track record of outyielding the best GMO hybrids form the major companies.  
* Works on good soils from North Dakota to NY
* Not well suited for droughty areas

Organic 8950   
89 Day

* Big healthy defensive type plant
* Works well south of zone as your early hybrid
* Keeps its’ plant size when planted south of its zone
* Works well in the Dakotas
* Nice textured grain on ears that fill to the tip


Organic 8918
84 Day

* Will yield like a like hybrid, but dry like an early corn
* Larger type plant with semi-erect leaves
* Works well in organic production systems
* Very adaptable to most conditions and fields
* Good choice for tough conditions

Organic 8912
85 Day

* Developed for organic field conditions
* Beats the weeds out of the ground
* Wide leaves to shade the rows
* Flexible ears take advantage of gaps from cultivator blight

Organic 8801
90 Day

* Newest high yielding organic genetics released
* Has the yield horsepower to keep up with our conventional 8830 racehorse
* Best yield advantage on well fertilized soils

Organic 8810
92 Day

* Tall plant with wide leaves
* The best corn on the market for lighter soils
* Dark green healthy plant
* Exceptional high quality heavy test weight grain

Organic 8847
93 Day

* Later version of high yielding 8801
* Very high stress tolerance
* Fast out of the ground
* Will move south of the 93-day zone and still perform like a full season hybrid

Organic 8780
95 Day

* Delivers stable yields under tough conditions, but still has the yield power to win the high yield test
* Very healthy plant
* Position on any field under any management
* Good companion with Organic 8777

Organic 8777
95 Day

* Highest yielding hybrid in early 203 organic University of WI corn plots
* Best competitive yield advantage on well fertilized soils
* Dual purpose for silage

Organic 8700
97 Day

* Plant at higher populations in narrow roads
* Big girthy ears that hold a lot of grain
* Fast drying corn
* High silage tonnage for a medium height corn

Organic 8507
102 Day

* Excellent resistance to leaf blights
* Fast out of the ground and quick early canopy
* Full flex ears let you vary the population to fix your conditions
* Very good late season plant health and intact plant
* A must-plant for part of your organic acres

Organic 8331
105 Day

* Big plant with standard leaf canopy
* Full flex, larger ears will add to the grain or silage pile
* Fast and vigorous starter that canopies fast
* Average blight resistance
* Due to outstanding seed production yields, we are selling off part of our overstock at the low, low price of $99 for an 80k bag!

Organic 8383
106 Day

* Developed in the highly productive soils of the central Cornbelt
* Excels at yield in productive areas from the Platte Valley in NE to Lancaster, PA and all states in between
* Late season plant health means the plant keeps producing lots of grain through the whole season