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Organic Corn
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. We carefully select the parent seed and growers to ensure our customers get the cleanest, highest yielding seed possible.
Organic 8972
For High Yield Environments
85 Day

* Very elite high-yielding genetics
* Place on your high-yield potential fields
* Very healthy plant
* Canopies fast for good weed control
Organic 8080
For High Yield Environments
80 Day

* Place on your most productive fields
* Quick out of the ground
* Heavy test-weight grain

Organic 8940  (New!)
For Challenging Environments
80 Day

* Plant on your challenging fields
* Larger plant competes with weeds
* High-quality grain

Organic 8924 (New!)
For High Yield Environments
88 Day

* Will work in all yield environments
* Rockets out of the ground
* Excellent late-season plant health
* High-quality grain
Organic 8983 (New!)
For Tough Conditions
88 Day

* Plant at higher populations to maximize yields with long flex ears
* Plant in warmer soils
* Slower dry down
* Good agronomics allow for later harvest
Organic 8801
For High Yield Environments
93 Day

* Placement: Don't use south of zone for early corn.  Keep it north for awesome results
* Keep on well-drained soils
* Five year track record of outyielding GMO corns

Organic 8744  (New!)
For High Yield Environments
93 Day

* Best yield advantage on moderate to poor soils
* Not first choice for wet soils
* Good stress corn
* Above-average drought tolerance

*Introductory price
Organic 8700
For High Yield Environments
96 Day

* Plant at higher population in 30" rows and you won't be disappointed
* Ears are girthy, even at higher populations
* Excellent dry down
*Plant as a full season hybrid in the north

Organic 8780
For High Yield Environments
96 Day

* Our flagship hybrid in the 95-day zone for years
* Will handle many forms of stress, but still has that 200-bushel potential when conditions are good
* Works under any management system and a wide variety of soils
Organic 8810
For Challenging Environments
91 Day

* Perfect choice for lighter soils
* Tallest hybrid we sell produces huge amounts of silage
* Extremely heavy test-weight grain
* Very dark green healthy plants

Organic 8826 (NEW!)
For Challenging Environments
93 Day

* Perfect for organic conditions with its wide leaves and ability to compete with weeds
* Outstanding plant health
Organic 8500
For High Yields
102 Day

* Organic version of a very popular corn in the conventional market
* Flexible ears and flexible management
* Just plant it and forget about it
* Moves west well
* Responds with extra fertility
Organic 8507
For Challenging Environments
103 Day

* Was our best tar spot hybrid in 2018
* Superior late season plant health helps minimize the effects of late season plant diseases like the tar spot complex
* Best plant health and stay-green on the market
* Very flexible ears lets you match population to field conditions
* Deserves a good share of your organic corn acres
Organic 8912
For Challenging Environments
85 Day

* The best choice for challenging organic fields
* Wide leaves to shade the rows
* Big flex ears take advantage of gaps in your rows
* Excellent emergence helps it out-compete weeds
Organic 8799 (NEW!)
For Challenging Environments
99 Day

* Bullet-proof hybrid
* Huge flex ears will get larger when there's extra space
* Works east to west, north to south
Organic 8745 (NEW!)
For Challenging Environments
96 Day

* Tall hybrid produces tons of silage
* High quality silage
* White digestible cob
* Works on low to medium yield conditions but still has high top end