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Untreated Corn
Untreated 8925
84 Day

* Our standby hybrid for the last eight years
* Works east to west
* Works on all soil types
* Awesome silage hybrid in the 80-85 day range

Untreated 8830
90 Day

* Still the gold standard for yield in the industry
* Works from eastern MN to NY
* Keep on fields with good fertility and moisture
* Best on first-year corn ground

Untreated 8800
94 Day

* This corn is our largest volume hybrid for the last TEN years!
* It works.  Management tip - Just plant it.
Untreated 8585
102 Day

* very big plant makes a very big ear
* White cobs make nice silage
* Plant dries down early in the fall
* Ears pick clean - makes good snaplage