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Untreated HDC 84
NutriDense (tm)
84 Day

* Extremely high energy and nutrient content
*#1 out of 250 corns in 2015 University of Wisconsin milk trials
* #1 out of 261 corns in the 2016 University of Wisconsin milk trials
* NutriDense trait means your livestock will get more out of your feed
* Works well north for the 90-day maturity zone
* Big full-flex ears let you vary your population to match conditions
* Tender white cobs means better digestibility

Treated HDC 85
85 Day

* Big time tonnage for an early corn
* Top silage corn on yield and quality for the last four years in the University of Idaho milk trials
* Place on your better ground from central MN and east
* Best on first-year corn ground
* Plant on ground with good fertility
Highly Digestible Corn
The Highly Digestible Corn line has highly digestible grain and fiber.  All HDC hybrids are not only the best silage corns on the market but they will stand in the field long enough for the corn to dry and be harvested for grain.

Key Characteristics of HDC hybrids:
    * High starch content
    * Plant and grain dry at the same time
    * Lower fiber
    * High whole plant digestibility
    * Softer textured starch

HDC corns deliver more energy over an extended period of time than leafy or sugar corns.  Higher quality, more digestible fiber gives HDC the advantage over dual-purpose silage corns.  Better agronomics and more starch give HDC the advantage over brown mid-rib corn.
Organic HDC 90
90 Day

* Floury-type grain with high digestibility
* Very fast out of the ground
* Plant on average to above-average soils
* Complete canopy out-competes the weeds
* Highest milk per ton in 2017 Idaho milk trials
Treated HDC 93
93 Day

* Big, healthy dark green plants
* Nice quality grain on tender white cobs
* Excellent tolerance to heat and drought
* Above-average resistance to northern leaf blight
Organic HDC 95
95 Day

* Big, full-flex ears
* Floury-type grain - very digestible
* Will work as an early silage corn south of the 95-day zone
* Excellent whole plant digestibility
Organic HDC 100
100 Day

* Set all-time high silage yield record in University of Idaho silage trials.  HDC 100 also had the highest quality silage to go along with the record yield
* Huge flex white cob ears
* Works well east to west
* Unique starch is more digestible than starch in common hybrids
WI Dappled Red Corn
94-98 Day

* Wide genetic base makes this corn adaptable to various soil types, management types, and maturity zones
* Very high in nutrient and mineral composition
* Harvest for silage due to lack of late season standibility issues
* Plant it thinner for bigger ears and biggest stalks
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Treated HDC 99
99 Day

* Tender white cobs with softer textured grain
* Very large plant for high tonnage
* Seven year track record of high yields
* Sound agronomics