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HDS Corn vs. High Sugar Corn

One of the biggest advantages of getting energy from starch (complex sugar) compared to a simple sugar, either from the leaf or from the stalk, is that there is much more energy left at the end of the heating process that silage goes through before stabilizing.  Simple sugars will break down easily during the heating process in the silage bunker or silo. Starch and carbohydrates in the corn fiber are less likely to completely breakdown during this process and will still be available when you feed your cows.  That is why HDS corn silages test out better after fermentation than high sugar corn.
Organic HDS 84
84 Day

* Versatile hybrid works on all soil types
* Number one choice for average or poor soils
* Fast growth with early canopy
* Digestible white cobs

Conventional HDS 85
85 Day

* Highest ranked in Milk Per Ton of silage in the 2013 University of WI silage trials at 3,440 lbs./milk/acre.
* Massive amounts of energy from high amount of grain in the silage: yielded more than 260 bu./acre in the 2013 University of WI northern grain trials
* Not suited for stress soil, low fertility, or weedy fields—this is a true racehorse for best soils and management

Highly Digestible Silage Seed
Organic HDS 90
90 Day

* Extremely high tonnage from this corn
* Floury type grain digests quickly
* Fast growth with early canopy
* Place on average to above average soils
* Good balance of quality and yield

Conventional HDS 93
93 Day

* Later version of our high yielding HDS 85
* White cobs with medium texture grain
* Excellent tolerance to heat and drought
* Above average resistance to northern leaf blight

Organic HDS 95
95 Day

* Highly digestible floury starch
* Will move south of normal growing zone and work as an early corn
* Exceptional silage quality
* Full flex ears lets you vary the population to match field conditions

Conventional HDS 97 (formerly HDS 95)
97 Day

* Big plant for high tons
* Will work for grain but dries slower
* Very flexible ears
* Tender white cobs with floury type grain

Organic HDS 100
100 Day

* Steady yielder on all soil types
* Excellent digestibility scores
* Tender white cobs with floury type grain

Conventional HDS 100
100 Day

* Versatile hybrid works on all soil types
* Number one choice for no till
* Outstanding agronomics means it can be used for grain
* Tender pink cobs are easy to digest

Organic HDS 103
103 Day

* High tonnage from massive plants
* Wide leaves help shade the row
* Very fast early growth beats out weeds
*Good agronomics means you can really push populations to maximum yields